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Mullerthal Trail

A project still very much in progress, during the rest of the year I intend to walk the 112 km of the Mullerthal Trail with my trusty Pentax 645NII, and hopefully some Fujichrome Velvia 50 to capture the colours of this walk. I really enjoy living in a country where major scenic areas are only half an hour away.
Look forward to updates in this section in the coming months.

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Pilgrimage in Chichibu

In October and November 2013 I walked the 34 kannon temples pilgrimage in Chichibu in four days. I had read about the pilgrimage last time i visited Chichibu and this year I came prepared and had bought a second hand copy of Chichibu japan’s hidden treasure by Sumiko Enbutsu which turned out to be very useful and full of background information although it is perfectly possible to make the pilgrimage without it and pick up the booklet in English at Temple #1.
The whole experience was very rewarding mainly because it finally, after all these years of visiting Japan, brought me into contact with so many Japanese people. All thanks to the kind people of Chichibu.

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Japan 2013

Last year we spent a month in Kawagoe, Saitama Province in Japan during which time we took plenty of trips around Tokyo and the Chichibu area. We had a great shukubo (temple stay) at Taiyoji Temple in the area of Chichibu, visited several autumn matsuri and I walked the Chichibu 34 Kannon Temple Pilgrimage and enjoyed myself tremendously, see the separate gallery dedicated to the pilgrimage.
Our next trip to Japan is planned around autumn of 2015 when we will visit Taiyoji again and certainly look into Chichibu even more.

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