A Christmas Constitutional

A Christmas Constitutional

A Christmas Constitutional

This Christmas we got caught out by the weather and had to cancel our trip to NL. We managed to have a great, intimate Christmas instead but it left me with a lot of time on my hands. One thing I had been wanting to do for some time was to use my old prime lenses on my ‘modern’ 35mm Pentax camera. Any lens with an old Pentax K-mount will fit without any problem on a modern Pentax camera. You don’t get any auto focus of course, but the focus indicator will light up and beep when an object has come into focus so manual focus is easier than it used to be on the older cameras. So this Christmas vacation I went out and used my 32 year old 50mm and 28mm lenses. Because it was the jolly season, I decided to use ADOX CHS 25, a film that I have only recently discovered and, to top it off, I decided to stand develop the film, a process I never had attempted before. 🙂

Shot with my SMC Pentax-M F/1.7 50mm lens.

ADOX CHS ART 25 stand developed: Pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by Rodinal developer in a 1+150 dilution, agitated for 30 seconds and then left to stand for one hour.

4 comments on “A Christmas Constitutional
  1. Raz says:

    Dramatic! The trees and the still of the walking couple intensifies the effect. And thanks for visiting my profile! =)

  2. Nice one; it has a sort of classic quality. I like the framing, the mist, and the snow.

  3. km6xo says:

    Hi Hans, beautiful photograph.


  4. ErkkiHelen says:

    Snow there is like big flakes!

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