Burnham Beeches

Burnham Beeches

Burnham Beeches

It was pretty dark in this area of the Burnham Beeches forest so I put the camera on a pole and released the self timer to take the shot; if I seem to remember correctly, the exposure time was 3 seconds.

ADOX CHS ART 25 stand developed: Pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by Rodinal developer in a 1+150 dilution, agitated for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 1 hour.

4 comments on “Burnham Beeches
  1. Soheil says:

    nice photo
    well done

  2. silent says:

    Hey this is a nice form ..
    Be Eternal

  3. larry says:

    Nice composition here. Well done

  4. Frédéric Schneider says:

    Wonderful shot !

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