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Château de Vianden #2

The first hurdle was to collect the ingredients for Caffenol, there was no problem in finding instant coffee, but none of the supermarkets I checked had any washing soda and I was going to check the local pharmacy to get some vitamin-C powder. However, all of a sudden Andres came to the rescue and donated me the caffenol ingredients he had used himself for his experiments. Long story short, all of a sudden I had the ingredients and was ready to get going. The recommendations I received for a first experiment were to push Acros 1 stop (hence the EI 200) and to start of with a development time of 12 minutes with 3 inversions every minute. You’ll find the results above, I am pretty impressed myself! I now wished I had exposed a 2nd roll and developed it in Rodinal or HC-110 to see the difference. The negatives came out quite dark, I’m not really sure yet if I’ll expose the next film at EI 100 and keep the development time the same or develop 1 or 2 minutes longer while staying at EI 200.

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