Coltrane Jazz is on Impulse!

Coltrane Jazz is on Impulse!

Coltrane Jazz is on Impulse!

A small part of my collection of John Coltrane CDs; the majority of these albums I have also on vinyl. The “joke” of the title is that the Coltrane Jazz album was of course released on the Atlantic and not on the Impulse label. 🙂

I remember buying my first Coltrane record, Live at the Village Vanguard, at a shop in the town of Zutphen in one of the two record-shops where it had clearly gone unsold for years. Imagine my joy when I discovered that it was one of the older pressings.

ADOX CHS 100 ART at EI 160; stand developed: pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by Rodinal developer in a 1+200 dilution with 1gr/l Borax; agitated for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 2 hours.

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  1. jhcibils says:

    I love Coltrane music too!

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