“Don’t take their photograph!”

Immediately after I took this shot, the guy in the photo above approaches me and creates a bit of a fuzz. Turns out he is embarrassed by the Ganguro girls and doesn’t want a tourist to get home with the wrong impression of Japan. “They’re not Japanese,” he said in English, “don’t take their photograph!”
So I talk a bit with him as he seemed amiable enough after my first shock and he explained that he objects to the girls sticking out like a sore thumb in Japanese society. I didn’t tell him that I thought that Japan desperately need more of these kind of “rebels,” that it would let off steam a bit in a (too) tightly wound society, but asked him instead if I could take his shot. He gladly obliged and even gave me the thumbs up! 🙂

  • Camera: PENTAX MZ-3
  • ISO: 400

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