Drogenapstoren from the Paardemarkt

Drogenapstoren from the Paardemarkt

Drogenapstoren from the Paardemarkt

Taken from the Paardemarkt, the area where in the past the horses were sold. Note that since a few years ago, in Dutch, a word like Paardemarkt should offically be written like Paardenmarkt by degree of the Nederlandse Taal Unie, but I am stubborn and refuse to introduce an ‘n’ all of a sudden where it is not audible. The Nederlandse Taal Unie started applying logic to language (more than one horse is sold there, hence the introduction of the plural ‘n’) and language is the last thing that needs logic. By the same logic, how would you appreciate “horses market” or “apples tree” in English? Ridiculous! 🙂

Fuji Neopan Acros at EI 100, developed in APH 09 1:80 for 19 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds for the first 3 minutes, then 2 inversions every minute.

2 comments on “Drogenapstoren from the Paardemarkt
  1. Ian Bramham says:

    very nice layered framing of the church spire by the vegetation and trees Hans!

  2. Theys Roland says:

    Excellent picture,bravo!

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