Hakone Black Eggs

Hakone Black Eggs

Hakone Black Eggs

The shop on top of the mountain that sells the black eggs (黒玉子) cooked in the volcanic pools of Owakudani. The eggs go in white but come out black due to the reaction with the sulphurous water. The temperature of the pool is 80C/176F, well above the temperature an eggs cooks. For 500¥ you get 5 warm, hard-boiled eggs and a bit of salt. Each egg is supposed to add 7 years to your life and they’re really tasty!

I just got back with several exposed films that I will develop tomorrow; please bear with me while I post some older photos in the meantime.

3 comments on “Hakone Black Eggs
  1. Nice shot and excellent composition.

  2. Anita says:

    A scene in B*W very well managed as your other photos. I like very much your work

  3. roland theys says:

    Excellent composition! I like!

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