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Ilford SFX 200 #3

Read all about shooting infra-red film here.

Maybe something a little different from everyday photography in the form of Digital or film: Last week I have been experimenting with Ilford SFX 200 film which is a lot more infra-red sensitive than normal black and white film, although, I am sure, it is not a real infra-red film like the Rollei and Efke films. The result of infra-red landscape photography is that the greens turn almost white and a blue sky turns almost black, but it is actually a bit of a surprise to find out the things that reflect or emit infra-red light. The fun is that most digital camera and DSLR sensors are sensitive to IR light and that they have an IR filter installed in front of the sensor. Some people remove this filter and get some amazing results on their digital cameras.

I’m not too happy with the results as the negatives came out rather grainy. I used the special Ilford SFX200 filter and added 4 stops as prescribed. In hindsight, most shots were overexposed and next time I will only add 3 stops. Luckily I had bracketed most shots plus/minus 1 stop and I ended up using the -1 stop shots. The filter is opaque which makes focussing and exposure rather difficult: I had selected manual focus and set the speed of the film to ISO 12 by hand. I would remove the filter, get the focus and exposure, lock it, put the filter back on and release the shutter.

Ilford SFX 200 @ EI 200, developer HC-110 9 mins, Ilford SFX200 filter, +4 stops

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