Infrared: Gunnersbury Park 18th century Temple #1

Infrared: Gunnersbury Park 18th century Temple #1

Infrared: Gunnersbury Park 18th century Temple #1

Read all about shooting infra-red film here.

Trying to get some experience with infra-red landscape photography; I bought some Efke IR820c AURA on 120 format and a Hoya R72 filter for my Pentax 645 lenses, but before using them, I wanted to get some experience shooting with a deep red filter that is totally opaque to the eye and it was a good time to get rid of some expired Ilford SFX200 that I had lying around in the freezer for two years now.

I was using my Pentax ME as my Pentax MZ-S uses infra-red to guide the transport of the film and it would have fogged the film. A view finder camera would make so much sense for infra-red photography! With the limitations of the Pentax ME, I had to use the TTL light-meter and bracket heavily to get the right exposure. All negatives were a bit thin which would have been fine if I had printed them, but it makes things more difficult when scanning the negatives. When using my Pentax ME, next time I must expose all negatives at least 2 stops above what the light-meter tells me. I know that I have to redo all of this when shooting with my Pentax 645NII, still I got invaluable experience in focussing with the filter and adjusting the focus manually to have it correspond to the red line indicating the infra-red exposure point.

Stay tuned as this series will get better after the above dubious photo, I promise.

Film: Ilford SFX200 @ EI 200 with Ilford SFX200 filter; developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 10 minutes; agitated for the first 30 seconds and then 2 inversions every minute.

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