Ironwork #1

Ironwork #1

Ironwork #1

Another series taken with my old Pentax ME, but this time with ADOX CHS 25 instead of the Ilford FP4+ that I used earlier. Shot during a walk over the North Acton Playing Fields.

ADOX CHS ART 25 stand developed: Pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by Rodinal developer in a 1+150 dilution, agitated for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 1 hour.

5 comments on “Ironwork #1
  1. Theys monochrome. says:

    Superb shot!

  2. Florence says:

    Impressive and effective focus. A powerful mono composition.

  3. Love the image! great tones, wonderful DOF beautiful!

  4. Curly says:

    Now I like this very much!
    A note to newcomers, switch off the auto focus and you could do this.

    @Curly: Thanks everybody, the F/1.7 helped of course. This shot was indeed taken with an old, manual camera, but even on my automatic cameras I disable all auto focus points but the middle one to allow me to control the autofocus better. After focusing, I then lock the exposure and move the camera to create the composition.

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