Kasteel Ruurlo #3

Kasteel Ruurlo #3

Kasteel Ruurlo #3

My 45mm lens was never going to allow me to include the whole building: one more step backwards and I would be swimming in the moat; still I like this crop. The castle was back-lit, I had to spot meter an acceptable reading off the castle building and lock the exposure.

ADOX CHS 50 ART at EI 50, developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 9 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds.

3 comments on “Kasteel Ruurlo #3
  1. k@ says:

    Superb place, good in mono under this angle.

  2. Deep tones and rich textures in this beautifu B&W shot Hans! A study in serenity…… 😉

  3. Tamas says:

    I feel the difference between the pictures shot by CHS 25 and CHS 50.

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