Kasteel Ruurlo #4

Kasteel Ruurlo #4

Kasteel Ruurlo #4

This is the shot I really like; here everything does come together. I wish you could see it on a larger image, to do it justice.

ADOX CHS 50 ART at EI 50, developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 9 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds.

5 comments on “Kasteel Ruurlo #4
  1. Giovanni says:

    Wonderful scenery! Excellent composition and stunning b&w!

  2. Betsy Barron says:

    Gorgeous morning image – the reflection is sharp and lovely!

  3. Phil David Morris says:

    This really is a spectacular result. Shows up so beautifully now
    on the computer, as good as paper, although nothing can top
    the full experience of taking the paper out of the final bath, and
    holding and admiring the final product, which becomes your own
    personal treasure, irreplaceable. The reflection and the use of
    light and shadow makes perfection here.

  4. Tamas says:

    Fine grain, very sharp lines, marvellous composition.

  5. Stu says:

    It certainly did come together. Another beauty.

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