Kasteel Vorden #3

Kasteel Vorden #3

Kasteel Vorden #3

The last of the photos I took at Kasteel Vorden. The lady in the photo was cycling around in the rain and apparently a keen photographer as she took tons of photos of the castle holding up her friends who appeared slightly annoyed at the delay. Anyway, she walked up to the castle to take her shot and I was standing back waiting my turn when I realized that the figure with the umbrella would be exactly what this photo needed. Too often I get home and am bored by my photos of houses in fields and wished that there was something to give it some extra “depth.” When she walked away, she apologized for having been in my shot, but I thanked her for having taken her time so I could get the photo I wanted.

ADOX CHS 25 ART at EI 25, presoaked film for 3 minutes, developed in APH 09 1:80 for 12 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds. Development details on FilmDev

3 comments on “Kasteel Vorden #3
  1. thierry says:

    superbe photo, bonne journée

  2. Nathanael says:

    So perfect because of the umbrella of course…

  3. Theys Roland says:

    Perfect photo shot! i like bw!

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