Kenji Miyazawa’s Grave

Kenji Miyazawa’s Grave

Kenji Miyazawa's Grave

You might never have heard of Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933), but chances are that you have read a short story of his, or have seen an anime made after a short story of his. Gauche the Cellist anime by Isao Takahata of Ghibli fame and the Night on the Galactic Railroad anime were pretty famous a couple of years ago. The author Kenji Miyazawa is of course the most famous son of the town of Hanamaki in the Iwate province in Japan. and the council has erected a nice museum in his honour.

My parents-in-law live in Hanamaki and it turns out that the grave of Kenji Miyazawa at the Shinshou-ji temple is just a couple of hundred meters away from their home.

Shot on Ilford FP4 Plus @ boxspeed (125iso)

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