Kinderdijk #2

Kinderdijk #2

Kinderdijk #2

How often is it that tourists have seen more of your country than you have? Too often! I have to confess: I never visited the 19 windmills at Kinderdijk before. My only excuse is that for the last 26 years, or so, I have lived abroad. But the truth is that I couldn’t really be bothered as I had already seen so many great photos of Kinderdijk before and assumed that these would spoil it for me as I would constantly compare my results with those. For the next few days I will be posting my take on Kinderdijk, and I hope that in at least one or two occasions, my interpretation of Kinderdijk is just slightly different from what everybody else comes back home with. Let me know!

ADOX CHS 25 ART at EI 25, presoaked film for 3 minutes, developed in APH 09 1:80 for 12 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds. Development details on FilmDev

2 comments on “Kinderdijk #2
  1. Marie LC says:

    I like very much this alignment in diagonal as well as the quality of your black and white

  2. anita says:

    A beautiful alignment and a magnificent N*B

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