Kinderdijk #6

Kinderdijk #6

Kinderdijk #6

This is me trying to be a bit too ambitious. Windmill #1 had its sweeps turning. I put on a neutral density filter and polariser to get the exposure down to catch the movement of the sweeps. Unfortunately, I think I got the exposure time down just a little too much so the result is that the sweeps have become almost impossible to see. Lesson learned!

ADOX CHS 25 ART at EI 25, presoaked film for 3 minutes, developed in APH 09 1:80 for 12 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds. Development details on FilmDev

4 comments on “Kinderdijk #6
  1. TheoF says:

    … this is another graet windmill image. I can see the motion as well. But ist lokks a liitle bit like a venilator 🙂

    Best regards

  2. ruggero says:

    beautiful! If I understand correctly: you have immersed the film in water for 3 ', then you've drained and developed in 09 APH 1:80 or 1 +80 for 12 minutes by 2 inversions every 30 seconds.Thanks

  3. Steven says:

    Beautiful capture of this windmill, including the movement (sweeps) of the blades. Your B&W processing also brings out finer details in the texture of the clouds. Great reflection off the water as well.

  4. Simon says:

    I disagree with you, I can see the path and the motion of the sweeps, they are a little faint; but I still like it. The reflection on the water is also very lovely to me.

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