Lakeside #1

Lakeside #1

Lakeside #1

Again, the shadows and highlights are very well preserved in this shot. I had forgotten how well these lenses performed sharpness- and contrast-wize. This part of the experiment has been a great success. So how about the ADOX and stand development? I find that these negatives have an extended range over the Ilford films I use normally. Is it the ADOX film, or is it the stand development? I have only this shot to compare it against which I took on ADOX but developed the normal way. Although the ADOX is performing there well and it is difficult to compare these different types of subjects, I think the stand developed photos do have an improved range. I need to test a little more, but the results have been satisfactory, another success!

ADOX CHS ART 25 stand developed: Pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by Rodinal developer in a 1+150 dilution, agitated for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 1 hour.

One comment on “Lakeside #1
  1. Jan van Kleeff says:


    Je maakt prachtige foto's.
    Ik zou bij iedere foto wel commentaar willen geven maar daar heb ik helaas geen tijd voor. Ik vindt deze erg prachtig en heeft iets mystiek.
    Jammer dat deze niet in kleur is, anders had ik er zo een schilderij van kunnen maken.
    Kan ik misschien toch wel mits jij toestemming geeft natuurlijk.
    Jij hebt denk ik het auteursrecht, dus ik mag niet zomaar een foto van jou gebruiken.



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