Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

The Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, taken from Gamla Stan, Note the two white ferries of the Waxholmsbolaget that serve the islands in the Stockholm Skärgård, also known as the Stockholm Archipelago. Summer or winter, a trip through the Archipelago is a treat.

2 comments on “Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
  1. Sonia Nansid says:

    Nice to see that you also have a Pixelpost, the quality is way much better. So you lived in Stockholm? That's cool. I see the tag 2001, thats the year I moved to Sweden the first time… Your B&Ws are splendid.

    • Hans says:

      Yeah, I moved there in the late 80s and lived there for 5 years; and went occasionally back there. If I were to live there now, I would take the Waxholm ferries in winter to make a nice little series but it never occurred to me when I lived there 🙂

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