North Cape, 1991

North Cape, 1991

North Cape, 1991

A bad photo, but the only photo that survived from my trip to North Cape; I have no idea what happened to those negatives. True, at that time I wasn’t as obsesses with photography as I am now, but I would never throw out any negatives.

In any case, the trip to North Cape was a remarkable trip. We left from Stockholm where I was living at the time to drive all the way up north via Jokkmokk and Kiruna to cross into Norway past Narvik and continue north from there. We bought smoked trout from a fisherman smoking some fish in a small hut on the side of a lake and continued driving north. Tarmac was replaced by dirt roads that had been prepared with some kind of salt solution to keep the dust down and quickly the roads turned to washboard.

When you get to the northern most part of Norway, basically you continue until you are almost in Russia and then you turn left to make the last jump north. A short ferry trip later and you’ll find yourself on the North Cape. It took us four solid days of driving to get there from Stockholm.

2 comments on “North Cape, 1991
  1. Nciolas says:


    sueprbe compo NB, ce apersonange blanc dans ces tosn girs avec le belle pierres, sueprbe.
    merci et amitié

  2. Theys Roland says:

    Very good réalisation! good bw!

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