Phalluses at Buddhist Marakannon temple

Phalluses at Buddhist Marakannon temple

Fertility temple in Tawarayama Onsen, Japan. There is no way around it, a Shinto shrine at this temple is dedicated to phalli and they are everywhere in the forest surrounding the temple: some big, some in metal, some grotesque, some stylized in wood and some with very shiny heads. ^_^;;

Not unsurprisingly, the town of Tawarayama Onsen makes for interesting souvenir shopping. Sorry for the lousy composition, but the area was dark (see exposure) and I didn’t have a tripod with me (no pun intended)

3 comments on “Phalluses at Buddhist Marakannon temple
  1. Well, it is actually really remote and few tourists make it all the way to that part of Japan. The messages left at the temple make it clear that it is an important place for Japanese people desperate to get a child.

  2. I am looking for a reference to the 1990’s (or early 2000’s) guide book that featured Tawarayama most prominently of all the places in Yamaguchi prefecture due to the xistence of this shrine. It is a shame because the Japanese are sort of hiding it.

    • Hans says:

      A guide book in English? We visited for the onsen mostly, but had received recommendations about the shrine/temple from a friend who had visited years earlier. When we were in town, the phallic souvenirs made it pretty obvious what the theme was around that place 🙂
      Tawarayama is a bit too remote to turn into into another tourist circus like the Kanamara Matsuri in Kawasaki, but it could play a role to feature it less prominently.

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