View of Wabash Avenue spoiled by Trump Tower

I love Wabash Avenue in Chicago, of course this shot is completely spoiled by the Trump Tower in the background named after the self-confessed rapist and person being mentally unfit to be the US president according to more than 18000 US psychologists.
As Trump’s actions from abandoning the Paris climate accord to abandoning the Iran deal isn’t a US internal thing but affects us all, it is time to show our displeasure: Time to boycott the USA any way you can now! It is very simple, yet very effective: Something you need but made in the USA? Buy an alternative! More often than not there are plenty of options and usually of a better quality too. Win-win! We can make those enabling Republicans understand that it is not okay to prop up a mentally unfit rapist as long as he is theirs and hit them where they care about most: Mammon! #boycottusanow #boycottusa

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