Enfuse and the long exposure look

Enfuse is traditionally used to improve the dynamic range of a set of bracketed images, but it works also very well to overlay similar exposures to create the effect of a long exposure or focus stacking.

IMGP4715 IMGP4717 IMGP4719


The image above was created from five handheld shots each with an exposure of 1/60th taken one after another over a period of 3 or 4 seconds. Enfused, all of a sudden, the resulting exposure is like a long exposure of just as many seconds but without the hassle of using a tripod or a strong ND filter.
I have shown before that this long exposure effect can also easily be done in camera, if your camera support this, but that would still require a tripod to assure all the individual shots overlap perfectly. The benefit of using Enfuse is that it allows you to align the individual shots and as long as you don’t move the camera too much, it manages to do so perfectly.

Personally I use LR/Enfuse as it is integrated with LightRoom, but I have had great results with the free version of Enfuse as well, especially with the droplets.