Travelling with the Pentax 67II

Going on a trip with my Pentax 67II is definitely different from travelling with my Pentax 645NII. The Pentax 645NII I can use like a 35mm camera, it goes everywhere and I can shoot it handheld at amazing low shutter speeds. I have brought it on my last two trips to Japan as my only camera.
The Pentax 67II, on the other hand, is too heavy to carry in a rucksack during our hikes so I found myself spotting for locations and then returning to these locations afterwards by car to actually shoot. A completely different experience for me and I came home with a very different set of my normal photos, far fewer snapshots, more thinking about the shots in advance.

ADOX CHS 25 ART; stand developed: pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by APH 09 developer in a 1:150 dilution, 1 gr borax; agitated for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 2 hours.

ADOX Color Implosion

A few weeks ago I picked up a few rolls of ADOX Color Implosion film and gave it a spin at the Medieval Festival at Vianden Castle last week.

ADOX Color ImplosionADOX Color ImplosionADOX Color ImplosionADOX Color Implosion

Getting back the negatives from the shop was a bit of a shock: instead of the normal orange colour cast from a colour negative, the negatives were dark red. I scanned them in raw mode and corrected the colour cast by hand, not trusting the software to get decent results when applying its standard filters it uses for normal colour negatives.

As promised the colours were all over the place and it has got lots of toxic grain! Like the web site states, it looks like a cheaply developed film incorrectly stored for 30 years and just found in an attic. No Instagram filter will come close to the results.