ADOX CHS 100 II in August

I’m chuffed to let you know that ADOX is getting ready to ship ADOX CHS 100 II which they claim will be very close in characteristics to the original ADOX CHS 100 ART and will be available in the full range from 135, 120 to large format except 127 format. Because it is newly developed, it will benefit from new technologies to avoid problems with light piping (no more loading the film in the dark) and a new coating avoiding scratching the emulsion during development. See here for details.

On Monday 22 July, ADOX followed up on their Facebook page with the following statement:

Today CHS 100 II saw the dark of the coating alley. Now it has to settle and harden. After August 15th we can start cutting it up. We hope to keep “August” as a delivery date for the first rolls.

One thought on “ADOX CHS 100 II in August”

  1. As of earlier this month, ADOX CHS 100 II is available on Large and 135 format. Hopefully I can add 120 format to this list soon (as that is the format I’m waiting for myself).

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