I now start to wonder whether or not I’m am a robot with human memory implants: Some of the CAPTCHA security that blogs have implemented in their comment sections to keep the robots out is simply ridiculous and probably guarantees they’ll never get a proper comment as any normal person would give up after 5 attempts of guessing what that mess of letters could be….

3 thoughts on “CAPTCHA blues”

  1. I’m with you on that- I rarely respond any more, as it’s too much of a bother (this site excepted!). Other sites which require you be a member of some social networking site also cause immediate dismissal.

  2. Have you ever thought about trying captcha bypass software? I have recently tried using it and it seems very quick and reliable. Just google “captcha bypass” and a few come up. I am using rumola as it runs in chrome (my chosen browser) and am findin it very soothing to the stress of using forums and blogs with captchas activated!

  3. I’ve just added captcha to my site on recommendation from the provider as I was being bombarded with spam messages.

    I have to say I hate captchas with a passion… Illegible words with letters distorted, twisted and merged. I’m human and I can’t read most of em.

    Like many I often don’t post cos I don’t wish to translate the captcha :-/

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