Colour film

I do occasionally shoot colour film but don’t develop colour film myself although several people have told me that it is not that different from black and white development. As I shoot maybe 10 rolls of colour film a year, I don’t think it is worth stocking the chemicals at home. The following photos were shot on FUJICOLOR SUPERIA X-TRA400.

As you can see, I revisited some of the locations that I had shot during the photo walk from Parliament to Tower Bridge that I did earlier this month; this time with my Pentax 645NII while before I had used my Pentax MZ-S. If I’m honest, I think the black and white photos do work much better. However, I do like the photos I took of my wife during a walk in the forest around Ruislip. Most of those shots are backlit and I spot metered off her face and locked the exposure to get a well exposed portrait and blow out the background.

A few days earlier I had gone out with my Pentax 67II with the same film to catch some of the autumn colours. As I have only the 55mm wide angle lens for this camera at the moment, the photo walk didn’t give many memorable results but I do like the above shot.

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