DIY Film Drying Cabinet

This might come in handy for other people starting developing their own film. Together with using de-ionized or distilled water in the last few washes, this solved all my problems with “spotty” negatives!
DIY Film Drying Cabinet

I was having big issues with dust on my negatives, the often recommended and repeated solution of running the shower in the bathroom for a few minutes and then hanging the negatives in the steam-filled bathroom didn’t solve the problem at all for me: every negative was just covered in white specks. I did wonder whether the people recommending that were actually having problems with dust or just repeating something they had read once on the Web and thought it made sense.
I started looking at film drying cabinets but affordable solution were not obvious and it looked like I was about 5 years too late to buy a ready-made one.

In the end I decided to buy a cheap IKEA Billy bookcase with glass door and put some hooks in the top and cut a large hole in the middle shelf to allow it to be used for 35mm film as well. I attached some clothespins to the hooks and glued some felt around the inside of the door to keep even more dust out.
No fan, no heater, just give a film a few hours and it’ll be dry

Solved my problem for a very decent price!

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