Edo 33 Kannon Temples Pilgrimage

In 2013 I walked the 34 Kannon Temples Pilgrimage in Chichibu and enjoyed that very much. Next time I’m in Japan, I intend to do the Edo 33 Kannon Temples Pilgrimage right in the centre of Tokyo.

This will be a challenge as the best part of the Chichibu pilgrimage was the countryside and its friendly people whereas the Tokyoites are using a social Botox and dealing with the crowded streets and public transport by pretending they are alone. A lot of this pilgrimage will be done by public transport instead of walking which will be another big difference that I’m not particularly keen on.

For reference I bought the Kindle edition of The Tokyo 33-Kannon Pilgrimage: A guide to ancient Edo’s sacred path book by Marcus Powles which contains a wealth of information. Unfortunately the small hand drawn maps in the Kindle edition are almost indecipherable on my 3rd generation Kindle so I collected the locations of the 33+3 temples of the book in a Google map to be used in addition to the book.

4 thoughts on “Edo 33 Kannon Temples Pilgrimage”

  1. I followed the Edo Kannon pilgrimage over the New Year, using the same book as a guide. The people at the temples themselves were very friendly and kind. The New Year period was quite a good time to go, because the public transport in Tokyo wasn’t busy.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi,
    I’m awfully sorry if I’ve caused any confusion.
    The Edo-33-Kannon pilgrimage is 33 plus one (Kaiun-in).
    The last two temples in the book (Tokuun-in and Jutoku-ji) are just my own extra recommendations!
    All the very best on the pilgrimage!

      1. Thank you so much!
        And thank you too for this amazing website, your photos are really suberb!
        All the very best,
        Marcus _/_

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