Eightfold Path: Right Intention

In my series about the Eightfold Path and Photography, Right Intention or Right Resolve, being part of the Wisdom division of the Eightfold Path, really asks the question “How far do you want to go to change any ill habit that you might have? And how far do you want to go to learn new good habits?”

Venice, Ilford FP4+

If you don’t have any ill habits, I guess you’re good to go on this one. 🙂 However, if I look into myself, I know that I can do better on several things, for instance:

  • If I’m travelling and am tired, do I get up at 6 o’clock to get the famous tourist attraction almost all by myself without the other tourists blocking the view? Do I hold off on going to the restaurant for dinner when I’m hungry because of the wonderful light?
  • If, after a long day, I think that I might get a better shot or composition if I walk closer or further away from the subject or change lenses once more, will I do it or put on a zoom lens and make do?
  • A landscape photographer spends days hiking and scouting the area for the best light and best location to shoot a handful of photos, how can I expect a good shot when I just happen to pass?
  • Do I make the shot in camera or attempt to solve the issues in PhotoShop or LightRoom days later at home?
  • Am I really sure I have full control over the exposure before I release the shutter or are some things left to chance? A TTL lightmeter is so easily fooled and cannot be relied on if the subject is lit a little tricky (and isn’t that always the case?).

Etc. etc., I think everybody can come up with a personalized list as long as their arm easily.  I think I can improve on several of these topics myself even though I think my intention is right most of the time.

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