Eightfold Path: Right View

In my series about the Eightfold Path for Photography, Right View, or Right Understanding, is not merely understanding how the camera works or how to get a correct exposure. These are definitely things that are part of Right View and using the camera in Manual Mode should be second nature. But Right View, being part of the Wisdom division of the Eightfold Path, is all about understanding all  the factors that define the outcome of a photo. It is what Ansel Adams referred to as ‘pre-visualization’ of a photo. Not just camera handling, exposure and composition, it is about knowing what the result will look like before you press the shutter.

Adox CHS 25 ART stand developed: Pre-soaked for 5 minutes followed by APH 09 developer in a 1+120 dilution, agitated for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 1 hour. 
I think the Right View must exist always, not just for those cases when I know that I can pull off a decent photograph, but everywhere and always driving the other seven factors of the path.

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