Eightfold Path: Right Speech

In my series about the Eightfold Path and Photography, Right Speech, being part of the Ethical conduct division of the Eightfold Path, does refer to abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech, and from idle chatter. Translated into a photography related topic, I think it would mean that we need to respect other people’s opinions and work as shown or displayed on social networks or other parts of the Internet, no matter what.

Snowdonia, Wales 2010; Ilford PAN-F Plus at IE 50; developed: Rodinal 1:50, 11 mins; agitated for the first 30 seconds and then 2 inversions every 30 seconds

How easy isn’t it to rip into somebody who has misunderstood HDRI and who pushed to slider controls of Photomatix, or similar tool, to the maximum and proudly created an awful tonemapped image with blatant haloes around all the contours? And all the other comments are loving it? Are they not seeing the problems of the image?
How many more times do you want to see a black and white photo of a kid with one aspect of the photo left in colour?  How often aren’t we infuriated by people in any of the photography forums who we know for sure are stupid for not understanding the same thing we find so obvious? Better stop now, I could go on for a few hours more.

But none of these are reasons to attack people personally or talk down their work, Right Speech teaches us. There never is a reason for doing this. You can give your opinion and engage in a discussion, but there is no reason to be abusive or react in an abusive way when we are abused for our opinions or photographic work in turn. In the end, can we really be sure that our opinion is the only valid one?

The fact that I had way too much fun writing this blog post shows that I have plenty to learn about Right Speech.

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