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Just to let you know that the Art Limited editors featured one of my photos as an Editors’ Choice. Frankly, I’m quite chuffed by this: I know that it doesn’t mean much and I certainly didn’t go out of my way to get this feather in my cap, but I do appreciate the recognition, especially from the Art Limited people.
Of course, I photograph for myself, but any recognition is very welcome, like a few weeks ago, when I was approached by the Penguin Group who had shortlisted three of my photos to use on the cover of a reissue of ‘The Child’s Child’ by author Barbara Vine. Or when I was approached for one of my photos of trains to be used on one of the James May’s Toy Stories episodes (the one about model trains.) It never comes to anything, but at least somebody paid notice to my photos (I know, I have low expectations) Smile

Detail of the Art Limited webpage Detail of the Art Limited webpage

If you want to see for yourself, click through on the images but be quickly, it’ll scroll off the page in a few days Smile

As for the photo, I do really like it myself and I had it printed via Ilford Labs and had it mounted and hung above my head in the bedroom.

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  1. Well done! I like the size and some of the work on it. Unfortunately none of my work really fits with most of the themes on the site. Glad to know someone who’s work does fit 🙂

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