Hi-tech pinhole photography

The fun part of pinhole photography is that it is so low-tech: No real lens involved, no focussing, great results without any hassle. Or so you might think. For me, pinhole photography means that I need to bring my Android tablet, a grey-card and Sekonic 758D lightmeter to get the job done and get a predictable exposure. It is probably as hi-tech as I need to get for all of my photography. 🙂

My technique with which I have now been able to get decent and reproducible results, comes down the following steps:

  • Use the Film Crop Assistant app to get the location of the tripod and the composition right as you cannot look through the lens, of course.
  • Use the grey-card and the lightmeter to get a reading.
  • Use the Pinhole Camera Calculator app to convert that reading into an basic exposure time that matches the f-stop of my pinhole lens.
  • Use reciprocity failure correction tables specific to the film that I use the Reciprocity app that calculates the exposure time to use for a given film and metered exposure time.
  • Use the Timer option of the Android Clock to time the exposure.

No doubt you can find similar or better tools for the Apple world.

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