A tribute to Michael Kenna

Earlier this week I watched the Hokkaido interview with Michael Kenna again and his work continues to inspire me and I know that his work is very popular on the Net especially since he has been using long exposures for most of his work and long exposures are very popular these days.. I would love to get his book about Hokkaido but $250 is a bit too steep, maybe it is time for a cheap re-release Mr Publisher (please, pretty please?)

ADOX CHS ART 100 at EI 100, developed in HC-110 dilution E for 8:30 minutes, 2 inversions every 30 seconds

Anyway, I started looking at long exposures and the reciprocity failure compensation values for the films I use. I still need some more time experimenting before I get there, but when I was scouting for locations to use around where I live, I came across this small copse that didn’t look too attractive on account of a farm being behind it and a modern shed distracting the view on the other side. But I realized that with my 165mm lens on my Pentax 67II camera, I would be able to crop the photo such that none of these appeared. Not a long exposure of this copse just yet, but certainly a shot I do like.

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