Maybe it is just me, but sometimes when I get to a location I feel inspired, visualize every shot and when I get home, I’m happy with most of my shots. Some other time, I get to the another location, or maybe even to the same location and the feeling isn’t there and when I go through the motions and take my shots, I have no idea what I’m shooting and  I’m certain to be disappointed by the mediocre results.

KODAK TMax 400 at EI 1600, developed in HC-110 dilution b for 7:30 minutes. Agitation: 2 inversions every 30 seconds.
I call it “inspiration” but maybe you call it differently, but that feeling, that connection you have at that moment with the place is so very powerful yet so elusive. Wish I could pull it out of the hat anytime I am about with my camera, but it isn’t as simple as that. To get into that zone, I need to concentrate and approach the subject already in my mind before getting there. This usually means that I need to be able to focus and have the time to quietly explore a location. If it doesn’t happen the first visit, it might happen on a subsequent visit.  Revisiting a location certainly helps.

As a result, I’m not a person who will do well in a Photo Walk with a group of people all looking at each other, concentrating more on the cameras and lenses people have brought than on the opportunities in front of them, and, worst of all, hurrying from one location to another.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Agree Hans, I had this experience over the weekend. I really wanted to get out and shoot but once I got to the location felt totally uninspired.

    I went through the motions but couldn’t connect with my camera. I think we all go through times like these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A big group Photo Walk wouldn’t work for me either. In fact I’m amazed it works for anybody really. Everyone getting in each others way/shots etc. No thanks!

    I think we all have a good and bad days. Sometimes everything seems to click into place, whereas other times it just doesn’t work for whatever reason. For me, mostly shooting people, a lot of it is out of my hands really. No interesting people, no interesting shots. That said, I don’t believe in luck. When you are out on the streets there’s always the chance something will happen. And the more you get out, the more chances. But on the days nothing does happen, then at least it’s a day out and some exercise — never a bad thing.

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