John G. Morris lecture

Yesterday evening I attended the lecture “A Personal History of Photojournalism”  by 97 years old John G. Morris which was held in the series Photomeetings Luxembourg, and it was a pleasure to hear the stories he had to accompany the wide-range of photos that he presented to us. Having been photo-editor at Life magazine, Magnum, Washington Post, New York Times, etc, etc, and having worked side by side with so many of the greatest photojournalists of the last century, you can be sure that he had us spellbound for the duration of the 90 minutes talk.
I was, of course, mostly aware of all his achievements, but the one thing I wasn’t aware of were his efforts in working for peace which I do applaud. It’s clear that none of the war photographers can be counted among the ‘hawks’ and I do understand their worry that their photos might be used to glamorize a war.

I’m looking forward to his upcoming book, Getting the Picture, that he intends to finish at his centenary.

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