Koganezakifurōfushi Hot Spring (黄金崎不老ふ死温泉)

Eventually we came down from the mountains and out of the snow at the end of our road trip along the onsen of Aomori in Northern Tōhoku and made our way to the Sea of Japan.
Koganezakifurōfushi Hot Spring (黄金崎不老ふ死温泉) in Fukaura-machi is famous for its bath right at the edge of the Sea of Japan. At high-tide and with a bit of wind, the waves lap into the bath.

The hotel has several baths but the one that sets this onsen apart is the one at the sea side. The right side of the bath is women-only, the other bath is mixed and lots of people, mostly couples, gather in the bath in the evening to watch the sunset together. If you visit and it is a nice day, check on the local time of the sunset as we just could watch the spectacle of the sun setting in the Sea of Japan before we had to be at the restaurant for our dinner.

This is not an old-style Japanese ryokan but a normal hotel, the rooms are likewise western. Our room overlooked the Sea of Japan with the famous bath below the room; nice for photography. 🙂 Dinner and breakfast were more than fine, nothing exceptional, but you have to take into account that we were at the end of a long road trip along the best onsen of Northern Tōhoku and had gorged on the best food a ryokan can offer, we were spoiled.
In the evening somebody played the shamisen in the hotel lobby, but with extraordinary gusto; I never heard the shamisen played like this, really enjoyable!

I don’t remember how many times I soaked in that bath, but way too many times! 🙂

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