Kojima Ryokan (嶽温泉 小島旅館) in Dake Onsen

Kojima Ryokan (嶽温泉 小島旅館) in Dake Onsen is one of those little treasures we came across during our road trip of Aomori onsen and we had the best of times. Dake Onsen is located just next to the entrance of the Iwaki-san Skyway road winding up towards the summit of Mount Iwaki so there are plenty of reasons to visit.

The ryokan has the feel of a Shōwa period building and it is run like a family-style place: very friendly, very homely.

The baths are nice and hot and the food was the best we had during our trip. By this time I really was getting used to the hot onsen waters that are common in Aomori and really enjoyed it. As for the food, I can still taste the rice we had, cooked with mushrooms and vegetables, so delicious! Dinner came with a choice of the local sake too, it really was great.

Everything considered, of all the onsen we visited during our road trip of Aomori onsen, I liked the hearty food of Kojima Ryokan best. Nothing fancy, nothing special, just really, really good food!
Among the secret onsen I listed, this one ranks among the top!


(I liked the way they used the hot onsen water to clean the area in front of the ryokan building of ice and snow by just leading a hose of hot water through a pipe with some holes in that cleaned the ice nicely. Have a look again at the first photo to see what I mean. Everywhere else was ice and snow, the front of the Kojima Ryokan was snow free. 🙂 )

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