London photo walk from Parliament to Tower Bridge

Last week I took the opportunity to visit the centre of London and walk from Parliament to Tower Bridge while visiting the Occupy London camp at St Paul’s cathedral. It is my favourite walk in London as the River Thames allows me the space I like, most of the other famous locations in London are a bit too cramped for me.

I took the Jubilee line to Parliament station, crossed the river and walked down the South Bank to Tate Modern and crossed the river again over the Millennium Bridge to stop at St Paul’s after which I followed the North Bank down to the Tower and finally Tower Bridge. It’s a nice walk and really recommended.

I had taken my 35mm Pentax MZ-S and used a roll of Fuji Acros (EI 100) and one roll of Ilford FP4+ which I exposed at an EI 200 as that had previously given the contrasty results I like for city and street photography.

The photos will show up on my photo blog over the next few weeks.

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