On the bus, waiting for a train


I don’t like buses, and I especially don’t like buses in Japan where there is so little leg space and people don’t seem to approve of my sticking my legs in the aisle. And then there are so many traffic lights that it feels like you’ll never arrive.  So you cannot blame me for wishing I was on that train.

The buses really go out of their way to pick the smallest roads to drive on, but small roads don’t imply quiet roads: there are lots of oncoming cars and bicycles really do their best to hide themselves with malfunctioning lights, no reflectors and dark clothes, only to betray their existence at the last minute by the umbrellas they are holding in the strong winds.

My wife, of course, loves the buses as the JR station is a 10 minutes walk and the bus stop is only 200 meters down the road. 🙂

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