Peak District

Early October, the UK was bathing in a heat wave and we decided to visit the Peaks as it is located a mere two and a half hours away by car. We were clearly not the first to think of this as no Bed & Breakfast was available in the Edale area. We booked the last room in a hotel in nearby Buxton instead.

We arrived about lunch time and had a lunch at the Old Nags Head Pub in Edale which is also the start of the Pennine Way. After lunch we continued down the road of the pub and turned right at the Grindsbrook signpost to come onto some moorland (see above) and we followed the ever narrowing Grindsbrook until we turned around to check into the hotel.

The next day we decided to walk from Edale to the Edale Cross along the Pennine Way that leads from Edale all the way up to Scotland. The first part of this hike was easy, the path followed the valley floor until it arrived at a stone bridge after which immediately the Jacob’s Ladder begins which brought us on the plateau and to Kinder Scout.

Once above, it is just a short distance to the Edale Cross. The stone cross marks the boundary of the three wards at the Forest of High Peak: Campana, Hopedale and Longdendale and it is not actually on the Pennine Way which turns north to go up for Kinder Scout.

As indicated already, the trail was packed with hikers and I had sometimes to wait to get the photos I wanted. However, most likely due to the fabulous weather, everybody was super friendly and I didn’t mind.

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