While back home, my father gave me his Pentacon-F, the camera with which I used to shoot my first photos before I bought my PENTAX-ME.


Made in Dresden, Germany, by VEB Zeiss-Ikon between 1956-1961, it is a completely manual camera with exposure times between 1/1000 and 1 second, and a bulb setting. The lens is a 50mm f/3.5 Meyer-Optik Primotar E.

IMGP5975 IMGP5980 IMGP5990

I’ll clean it a bit and then shoot a film to see if it hasn’t developed any light-leaks or other problems. It will be good to go back to shooting completely manually.

4 thoughts on “Pentacon-F”

  1. I shot one film and developed it and it became apparent that the first shutter curtain hangs and moves on the moment the second shutter curtain closes.
    Some of the negatives are fine or only underexposed on the right edge of the negative, but most of them are only half exposed and blank on the right side.

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