Pentax 67 Lens to Pentax K (PK) Mount adapter

Last month I picked up a K&F Concept adapter for Pentax 6×7 lenses to the Pentax K mount and tested it on my Pentax ME Super and on my Pentax MZ-S cameras. It is a quality adapter and, most importantly, on all my Pentax K mount cameras, DSLRs and SLRs alike, the fit is perfect and the focus to infinity is as promised.

The lens I have been looking forward to using on my Pentax SLRs the most is the S-M-C Takumar 6X7 105mm f/2.4. This is a great lens that recently has been declared the holy grail of lenses and the prices are getting out of hand. Still, it is a great lens, especially at f/2.4 aperture where the bokeh really gets unique.
I was wondering if that bokeh would also translate to the Pentax K mount cameras as well as it does on the Pentax 6×7 and the Pentax 645 cameras and wasn’t disappointed.

I carried the camera around for three hikes, the usually very light and small Pentax SLRs do turn a bit into a beast with a Pentax 6×7 lens attached and it might draw a bit of attention of people wondering what that big bulk of a lens is about on such a tiny camera.
The focussing of Pentax 6×7 lenses is of course fully manual but when you use the adapter, the aperture needs to be operated manually as well. Luckily this is very easy with the Pentax 6×7 lenses that always have a big switch on the side that allows you to stop down the lens to the desired aperture and get the exposure reading if you’re using a TTL camera.

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