Pinhole for your (D)SLR

You want to turn your SLR or DSLR into a pinhole camera? I picked up one of these cheap Holga HPL-P lenses for my Pentax cameras and it works wonders. The HPL-X lenses also exist for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung NX, Sony and Panasonic cameras. They’re easy to use, at Ø=0.25mm and 28mm, it has a corresponding aperture of f/112.


Finding the correct exposure can be a bit of trial and error although it should be easy if you have an external lightmeter and bracketing will certainly help to narrow it down. If you shoot film I would certainly recommend a lightmeter and the use of this table to find the right exposure.

Note that even though these lenses are advertised to be usable on SLRs as well, do expect a lot of vignetting as the lens will not cover the whole negative and is clearly designed to work on DSLRs with cropping factors of at least 1.5.
Vignetting of this pinhole lens on an SLR

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