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I wrote an Android App last year that I felt I needed myself when I was out and about in the field photographing long exposures. I’m happy that it has now more than 2000 active installs and I have taken all comments into account and released an updated version.
As you are well aware of, most films do need correction of the exposure time for reciprocity failure to avoid underexposing your negatives for exposure times of over a few seconds. This really gets important for night photography, when using filters and for Large Format or pinhole photography. All information is contained in the App so no data connection is needed when you’re on a photo shoot abroad, on top of a mountain or in the deep countryside without any connectivity.
I do not miss the folder with printed and weather-beaten PDFs with tables of exposure correction information for the different films that I had to rely on before. 🙂

The Reciprocity App has the following features:

  • Easy to use and usable on Android devices of most sizes.
  • Lots of B&W, colour and slide film included in the App, and this list is growing with every update.
  • Include filter factors in the exposure time calculation.
  • Include bellows extension in the exposure time calculation.
  • Built-in timer to use the calculated exposure.

See the screenshots below.

Ease of use:

Growing number of films supported:

Details about the calculation:

Built-in timer:

Reciprocity formula

In addition to the film manufacturer supplied reciprocity information, I used the findings of Howard Bond from his article in the Photo Technique magazine which had been formulated into an easy formula by Patrick Gainer.

It is a simple App, but packed with the reciprocity details of most black and white films currently being sold and a growing number of colour and slide films. Works fine on new and old Android phones as well as on Android tablets.
It’s free, make sure to grab it!

4 thoughts on “Reciprocity for Android”

  1. Dear Hans, thank you for your great work on the app. Unfortunately it doesn’t run anymore on my devices (Android 4.4.2 resp. 4.2.2). Maybe I have to use an earlier version than 4.1? Could you provide a link? Thanks and greetings. Kay

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, the app doesn’t seem to support old versions of Android anymore. I’m looking into how to make the old version of the app available.

  2. Hi Hans – many thanks for the app. I had downloaded it not knowing it was developed by you. The interface is very use friendly. I don have a question and a suggestion if OK with you: Question: the Bond / Gainer / Reeves findings were published in 2004 if I’m not mistaken. Are they still valid, even though some claim that the formulae have changed over the years? Suggestion: the interface is really bright, specially in the dark – would you consider making a “dark theme” for night shooting?
    Thank you so much once again forthis tool.

    1. I believe so, the data sheets of the manufacturer hasn’t been updated since then which makes me rather confident that the formulas are still valid.

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