Efke and ADOX CHS film discontinued

I guess it is old news for many already but the Efke IR 820 and ADOX CHS films have been discontinued due to a problem in the very old machine that does the coating at Fotokemika in Croatia and it is not economically feasible to repair it. I guess that for infra red film I need to turn to the Rollei film. I’m still contemplating what film to choose as replacement for the ADOX CHS film. The new ADOX Silvermax film that has just been announced at the Photokina 2012 is very temping but will only be released on 135 format, not on 120 format. Otherwise the ADOX Silvermax would have been perfect with its rich silver content and tones. It is rumoured to handle up to 14 zones.

So that is my 35mm requirement taken care of, but 120 roll film is much more important to me. I have had terrible results with Rollei film on 135 format and I find it pretty “hard” and I prefer Fuji Acros for that. I have no experience with Fomapan film, is that something that could take the place of ADOX? Does it handle stand development well?