Accidental stitched photos

During the long autumn and winter evenings I like to browse through my photos and occasionally I spot a few shots that have overlap and can be stitched into something surprisingly satisfying. This works as well with digital shots as with scanned film images although for the latter you might need to supply a guestimate of the focal length used.

IMGP0152 Panorama

Click through on the image of my wife crossing a stream in the Lake District for a better view. When I first started stitching photos together I had it in my mind that I only could do it for a few photos where I had panned the camera so that I would end up with a panorama, but it works equally well for photos of the same angle where the subject has moved. The resulting image may not be great, but I find it interesting and pleasing, many times better than the original photos that I had already marked as junk.