Vuescan settings for different films

Vuescan is a great tool but it does lack pre-sets for most B&W, colour and slide films if you are scanning straight from negative. Until recently I didn’t bother too much and used GENERIC for the B/W vendor field but that resulted in some pretty awful scans from Kodak TRI-X in HC-110.
Below you’ll find the pre-sets I am using and invite you to contribute with your pre-sets in the hope to build a nice collection that will serve everybody. Just add a comment and I’ll add them to the list and attribute it to you. With relatively few films left on the market (unfortunately), we should be able to have a complete list in no time.

Fuji Neopan Acros 100

  • Color balance: Auto levels
  • B/W vendor: Fuji
  • B/W brand: Super HR
  • B/W type: Gen 2

Kodak TRI-X 400

  • Color balance: Auto levels
  • B/W vendor: Kodak
  • B/W brand: TMAX-400
  • B/W type: D-76 CI=.50 (I change the CI values until I get the contrast I like)

Any films you would like to add, or different values you would like to add for the above listed films?

One thought on “Vuescan settings for different films”

  1. I bypass all of those settings and save as a raw DNG file. Check the “Raw save film” box to save as a positive. That way VueScan doesn’t do any processing. All is done in Lightroom. All of the information in the negative is kept and its very easy to adjust in LR.

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