Withered tulips

Foma Fomapan 100 at EI 100, developed in APH 09 dilution 1:167 for 2 hours

I feel sorry for my wife because when I buy flowers, I use them for still life photography instead of presenting them to her. But she knows that all my flower photos are a present for her, this way they do last longer, don’t they.  🙂

It has been a while since I bought a bunch of flowers and like previous times, I usually don’t get going until the flowers are getting a bit older and withered. Last time I used my Pentax 645NII camera and lenses, this time I wanted to try my Pentax 67II camera and the set of extension tubes that I picked up last year.

Last time I used my flash and a reflector and I had noticed that the shadows on the side of the reflector were a bit too deep so I decided to use my desk lamp on that side as well. This lamp isn’t very bright and as I’m shooting B&W film, I didn’t need to worry about the difference in white balance of the different light sources. This will be an issue for colour photography, of course.

Very happy with the results, the Pentax 67II with this lens and extension tube really allows me to get close and fill the 6x7cm negative beautifully. I did worry that I needed to focus manually but the viewfinder of the Pentax 67II is bright and focussing was easy.

See the schematic of the lighting I used below:

20140112 copy

Thanks to Kevin Kertz for his Lighting Setup PSD file.

This is the gear I used:

Camera: Pentax 67II
Lens: SMC Pentax 67 165mm f/2.8 with Pentax 67 Extension Tube 3
Exposure: 1/30 second
Aperture: f/8
Flash: Pentax AF-360FGZ with a shoot-through umbrella but used inversed. Used in the TTL / 67 mode of the flash.
Reflector: Expro RF-154 (using the white side)
Film: FOMA Fomapan 100 at EI 100,
stand developed for 2 hours

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